Least Expensive Around the World Airfare

Visiting all continents in the world for at least one week, including the two most populous countries in the world (both in Asia).


1.     Method

2.     Influence of travel dates, places visited

3.     By Air

4.     By Bus and Air

5.     Bus Graphic

6.     Airfare graphic

7.     An Idiot Abroad


In order to find the cheapest flights possible, I used Google Flights and Kayak.  I found that flying out of LA would ultimately be a cheaper route than flying out of New York, but the opposite was true regarding the return flight.

Influence of Travel Dates, Places Visited

On each continent there were a multitude of cities that I could have chosen to fly into.  I based my decisions off of the price to fly in and the flight out to the next city/continent.  Booking over a month out during the middle of the week definitely lowered the prices of the flights.

By Air

The least expensive airfare flying from America to all continents. Stay on each continent at least one week.

The total cost to fly around the world, including visa costs, is $2,448.94

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Origin - Destination

Departure - Arrival Time

Flight cost $

Visa cost


LA - Sydney

6:00 7:45




Sydney - Shanghai

9:55 12:50




Shanghai Kochi

1:35 8:10




Kochi Cairo

7:20 2:50




Cairo - Madrid

8:00 6:35




Madrid Rio de Janeiro

8:00 7:25




Rio de Janeiro New York

9:56 12:46
















Sum $1,992.00

Sum $456.94











By Air and Bus

Taking a bus from Omaha to LA was a very reasonable price. It would also be a very scenic drive as opposed to what you would see flying there. Another option I looked into would be the train which is actually slightly cheaper than a bus fare for this route.

Bus Graphic

Airfare Graphic

An Idiot Abroad


The Great Wall episode is essentially a metaphor.  The toad represents Karl, neither of whom have ever done much travelling or seen anything other than what they are accustomed to.

The lodging in India is something that would be considered very poor.  It was essentially a supply room where up to four people could sleep.  The nest place was an upgrade because it had a bed and a toilet which was basically a hole in the ground.  It just goes to show how far ahead the Western world is when it comes to plumbing.  While travelling to certain countries, you need to be able to look past these kind of things.

Submitted by Dan Pavlik on 3/15/19.