Ground Transportation for Italy

Options for traveling within Italy for a 21-day period


1.     Car

2.     Train / Bus / Air

3.     Other Options: Bike

4.     Estimate of total ground travel expenses


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Train / Bus / Air

My mass transit options are train/rail, metro

Train: The cheapest rail option seems to be getting a limited pass that only allows you to travel certain days.  Below is a list of the different options that I would have depending on how many different cities I would need to travel between.


“The Metro is Rome's version of the subway system here in the United States and is the fastest method of travel within Rome. Rome has three underground metro lines, the A Line (orange), the B Line (blue), and the C Line (green). The current system has an X shape to it with two of the lines intersecting at the Termini Station, the main train station in Rome. A sign with a big red M on it indicates the entrance to the subway System. The Metro runs every day from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm.

The A Line connects the northwest part of Rome with the southeast part of the city and began service in 1980. The A Line currently has 27 stations with terminals at Battistini and Anagnina. The A Line is distinguished by the color orange. The B Line was actually the first metro line in Rome and started service in 1955. The B Line connects the northeast section of Rome with the southwest part of the city. The B Line currently makes 22 stops with terminals at Rebibbia and Laurentina. The B Line is distinguished by the color blue. A third line, the green C Line opened in 2014, but is not of much use to tourists at the moment as it runs south-east to the outskirts of the city. There are also plans for a fourth line that will be called the yellow D Line.

Tickets are 1.5 euro and are available from news stands, tobacco shops, and vending machines that can be found in all of the metro stations.”

-Excerpt from:


Flights within Italy usually run around $50.00.  Taking that into account, it would be significantly cheaper to use the month-long train pass as opposed to buying a plane ticket to travel between each city.  If I was to do 8 different city option, it would be about $150 cheaper to travel by train than by plane.


Other options

Bike: Daily bike rentals would be a great idea depending on how far within a city I would like to travel on a given day.  It would cost about 12 euros per day and lets say I did that on 8 separate occasions. 96 euros

Estimate of total ground travel expenses

The total cost of traveling within Italy for a three week period is 684.42 euros after conversions.

Submitted by Dan Pavlik on March 8, 2019.